Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Valentines

In our neck of the woods, not much hiking would get done if you cancelled on account of rain.
So, we loaded up the kids, the dog, and a grandma and headed to our favorite little hippy town for some hiking in the dripping green trees and saltwater air.
We found a brand new little local foods/organic grocer on our way, complete with a hippy teenager at the till and a painting of an egg on the outside of the building. I loved it.
I had to buy some fancy local cheese to share on the ride, even though they were out of the "New Moon" cheese. (I wonder why....)
After two more stops at funky bakeries, we were driving past antique-looking farmland, eating creamy artisan cheese on hazelnut crackers, sipping Pear Soda out of the bottle, munching on chocolate rum balls and some fancy French pastries complete with some kind of cheese and pesto...
You can see why I associate Port Townsend with deliciousness... (for all the senses)


foxy said...

That looks like my kind of place!

Are you ever scared of running into wild animals (aka BEARS) out there? Or am I just watching too much animal planet??