Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dear God,

Thank you for my children.
Thank you for the feel of pudgy little hands on the back of my neck
and little feet curled around my ribs
with sleepy, flushed cheeks resting on my shoulder.
Thank you for letting me hear the word I've always wanted to hear:
Thank you for the sight of long eye lashes and pouty lips
and little curled up, slumbering bodies with teddy bears and cars
clutched in sleeping fists.
Thank you for the sight of bouncing,
falling down children
with leaves in their hands
and hair all a mess.
Thank you for giving me ticklish children
who love to be kissed behind the ear,
and scream with delight when I get ahold of their tummies.
Thank you God for so many things,
But tonight,
most of all,
Thank you for my babies.

And thank you for showing me,
through my own unceasing love for my children
how my parents feel about me.


Runningmama said...

Sweet imagery... I couldn't agree more!