Friday, May 29, 2009

After reading my last post, you may not be surprised...

to know why I've been "incommunicado" the past week!

That's right. The little miscreants gave me their germs. I've been on my death bed, to the ER, and to Urgent Care.
Instead of a normal throat, mine looked something like this:

(But to be more scientifically accurate, you must imagine the little invisible trolls with pick axes whacking away at my tonsils. )
Also, instead of a normal stomach, I think mine probably looked more like this:

I was having all kinds of issues with vertigo, sitting up, laying down, functioning like a human being.... you get the picture. So when I was in the ER, they tested me for a few things. One test, of course, was for the flu.

I kept hearing about this test for the flu and figured it was probably a blood test or something like that. Oh no - much more sinister. Here's the REAL scoop: They take two impossibly long metal prongs and stick them, one nostril at a time, up into your nasal cavity. This may sound like a polite little procedure, but they stick those prongs so far up and in that you get this awful panicky feeling and this notion that at any moment something is going to rupture. The test left my nose feeling raw and wounded, so I kept checking, thinking I would surely find myself with a nose bleed. And then they did my all-time favorite - the strep culture test. I had to warn the nurse that I have this pathological fear of the procedure. I would freak out, jerk my head, gag uncontrollably, try to fend her away, etc. They always brush off my concerns... until they see me in action.

After that little alien abduction experience, they came back with a diagnosis. Strep throat.

That's all? A little strep throat had me feeling like I needed to get my affairs in order?

They actually found that I was also having some major potassium depletion, due to my "delicate" stomach situation, and was dehydrated. It took some major drugs, 4 liters of fluid over 2 days, and lots of laying completely still to get me back to something like a human woman who can walk. :) and...... Voila! Momma Chae can now move again! Slowly, shakily, but definitely onward and forward.

On one of the days, I took a short break from my self-induced coma to boil toothbrushes, sanitize surfaces, and wash sheets and I wore a mask whenever I was near my kids. Thankfully, I think they were spared from having a similar experience. I hope to soon check out your lovely comments and return the favor! Alas, computer screens are currently a bit of challenge.


Becky said...

Oh you poor thing!

Mama's always seem to get it the worse. (or at least that seems to be my story:( I'm so glad you got some good meds and are on the mend!

Whispering Writer said...

That's terrible. You poor woman!!
I hate the sound of the test they did on you - I think I would have had a panic attack if they were 'probing' me like that.

Good to hear you're on your way to being better. Take care of yourself!

~ Becky