Monday, August 16, 2010

Just in time for kindergarten

So far this summer, Aidan has:

1.) Learned how to swim (for real)
2.) Learned to ride a bike (without training wheels)

He yanked this tooth out all by himself after I assisted by tying a piece of dental floss around it. While he was wiggling, Addison literally cheered him on, and then would say, "Aidan, you're the BEST! I love you!" And then she would hug him. I wish kids would keep doing those cute things while I had a camera available.
You may have noticed that he is wearing pink pajamas. That's because we saw these:

at the Sportsman's' Warehouse when we were shopping for camping supplies. The ladies' extra small union suits were on sale for $5. (It doesn't take much imagination to figure out why they would be on sale, does it?) When I joked with Aidan about buying him a pair, he actually jumped on the idea and begged me to get him some. He would wear them every single night if I let him. The mystery was solved when I heard him telling Addison it gave him Easter Bunny Powers....
And just because it's cute:


foxy said...

Hahaha... those pjs are great! The EB powers make total sense!! I got some for christmas last year that are actually pink "footie" pjs and they have bunnies on either foot (remember the bunny suit from A Christmas Story?). I have to admit, they're wonderful in the winter. :) And it makes me laugh that i pretty much own a "onesie" for an adult. Ha.

That little guy is just growing right up! That lots of firsts to accomplish in one year!

Rebecca said...

Love the PJs - and those last 2 photos are A.MAZ.ING! I want to go there :).